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The Hughes family connections with premium beef production stretch back to 1872 in the Nebo region of rural Australia, spanning four generations from Peter and Jane Hughes’s grandparents and extends to their sons Sam and Fred.

Today, the Hughes family home base is Tierawoomba, a 140000 ha or nearly 350000 acre aggregation running 25000 Waygu-cross cattle near Nebo in Central Qld.

The Hughes herd has been running on this pristine rangeland and forest for over 100 years. Japanese Waygu genetics were introduced into the Hughes’s herd in 1992.

In 1988 Peter Hughes was appointed as a director of Stanbroke Pastoral Company, which had the largest beef cattle herd in the world.

In 2003 Peter formed the Nebo Group, which successfully purchased Stanbroke Pastoral Company. Subsequently Peter and Jane formed Georgina Pastoral Company, with Bill Scott and his family. Mr Scott was a 40 year veteran of Stanbroke, with wide expertise in the beef industry.

The Georgina group secured some of the Stanhope properties and has since purchased Colonial Agriculture, and now has properties in Queensland and the Northern Territory with the capacity to run up to 200000 head of cattle.

Hushes Pastoral continues to demonstrate its faith in the industry with a substantial investment in Australia’s newest feedlot at Grassdale on the Darling Downs.

Grassdale Feedlot near Dalby has a capacity of 35000 head and when fully constructed will hold 50000 head of cattle.

It is the Hughes family philosophy that the land should be left in a better condition for future generations.

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